Where is Water, Texas?

The Texas Water Foundation Young Professionals proudly present the first annual Water, Texas Film Contest. You may be asking yourself, "Where is Water, Texas?" The simple answer is...everywhere. It isn't a farm town out west, a getaway in the Hill Country, or even an ocean-side retreat off Matagorda Bay. Water, Texas encompasses our great state, in that every community has a source of water and innumerable uses for that same water.

In essence, we are Water, Texas.

When we drink a glass of water, brush our teeth, go for a swim, water our plants, clean our pets, kayak on the river, make a home brew, or do any number of other daily activities, we rely on a limited supply of water for seemingly unlimited needs. 

As our most shared resource, water touches each of our lives on a daily basis - whether we realize it or not. Help us bring about greater awareness regarding the vital role water plays in our daily lives.

Please tell us…

What’s your water story?

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