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Where is Water, TX?



The Texas Water Foundation Young Professionals proudly presents the Water, Texas Film Contest. You May be asking yourself, "Where is Water, TX?" The simple answer is ... everywhere. It isn't a farm town out west, a getaway in the Hill Country, or even an ocean-side retreat off Matagorda Bay. Water, Texas encompasses our great state, in that every community has a source of water and innumerable uses for that same water.

In essence, we are Water, Texas.

When we drink a glass of water, brush our teeth, go for a swim, water our plants, clean our pets, kayak on the river, make a home brew, or do any number of other daily activities, we rely on a limited supply of water for seemingly unlimited needs. 

As our most shared resource, water touches each of our lives on a daily basis - whether we realize it or not. Help us bring about greater awareness regarding the vital role water plays in our daily lives. Please tell us... What's your water story?


Why are we hosting a film contest?

It's simple, we need your help.



We have to find ways to raise awareness regarding the true value of our water sources. As part of that, we need to hear how water - or lack of water - impacts lives. 

What better way to do that than asking Texans to share their own stories?

In making this a film contest, we are aiming to give Texans the most creative flexibility in communicating their water story to the rest of the state. We hope to inspire the creation of diverse, informative, unique, funny, and thought-provoking films that we can share with others across the state and the nation. Everyone's message is different. And by spreading those messages, we can empower others to share their own stories and make positive change in their communities. 



"The mission of the Texas Water Foundation is to maintain and enhance the quality of life for Texans by mobilizing Texans to recognize the vital role water plays in protecting human health, supporting economic growth, and safeguarding natural resources."

what we do

Organized in support of the Texas Water Foundation's ultimate mission, the Young Professionals are dedicated to generating a heightened awareness among all Texans regarding the vital role water plays in each of our daily lives.   


every DRop counts.

The Texas Water Foundation aims to foster adequate public understanding of the state's water issues to empower informed decisions about our water future. 

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2018 First Place Winner

kylie tibbs - The princess & the poo


2018 Second Place - Daniela Lewkowicz - McKinney Falls

2018 Third Place - Cordelaine Kline - Dove Springs